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We are available between the hours of 8:00 AM-10:00 PM.   Our phone number is a Google Voice number, which is forwarded to the cell phone of whoever is on duty. We are able to answer the phone anywhere, anytime without having to be at the office. Please keep in mind that we are human beings that do need to sleep. You will be ringing the phone of a real person, not a robot or someone in a distant call center. If there is some kind of emergency occurring after hours, you must leave a message to reach a real person. We will always call you back if you leave a message. Your number will be automatically flagged as spam and blocked by Google Voice if you try calling too many times in a row, so please just leave a message the first time you call if we are on the phone with another customer.

Tel:​  515-635-1599
Email: emails may take a few hours for us to reply, as these are only checked a few times per day on a computer.  If you need a same day rental, fill out the request form, and then leave a voicemail saying you completed the request form.
Text: don't text this number; nothing will happen. Use the email above.

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