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One-way Rentals

Generally we do not do one-way rentals, as we are an Ames-only business. Under certain circumstances, we will allow a car to be dropped off in a different city. We will still need to retrieve our vehicle once you drop it off at your destination, so the farther you go, the more costly it can become. The following are one-way prices to various surrounding cities:

Des Moines:      $60

Iowa City/

Cedar Rapids    $120

Omaha:              $200

Minneapolis:     $250

Kansas City:      $250

Chicago:             $350

You will more than likely be able to find better pricing for a one-way rental at a major chain, as they will have a branch where they will be able to reuse the car at that location. We offer these options if you are unable to find a better alternative.

Des Moines Airport Rides

If you need transportation to/from the Des Moines Airport, look no further!  As a transportation business, we feel this service could be beneficial to travelers, even if you aren't renting a car from us. The ride includes one Ames pickup to the DSM Airport, or a DSM Airport pickup with one Ames drop off. We do these 24/7, with the exception of major holidays. Please arrange your ride at least 1 day (24 hours) prior to the day/time of your flight. Even if you plan on paying with cash, a card number is still required up front.


$50 if paying with cash (card info still required)




$10 extra if paying with card

$5 extra per additional stops made

$25 extra if there is so much luggage/people that we have to use a minivan

$50 extra if there is so much luggage/people that we have to use a passenger van

$20 extra if the trip is made during inclement weather (blizzard, poor traction on road surfaces)

$10 extra if any part of the trip occurs between the hours of midnight and 8am

$10 extra if 24 hours notice is not given



The secure form below is an easy way to send all your info so that we can easily turn your request into a confirmed ride appointment should you decide to proceed. This is only a request, it does not mean an appointment will be automatically scheduled.  Staff will review your request and make sure we can fit it into our schedule without conflicting with existing appointments. Your card will not be charged until after we contact you and confirm details. If you are an existing/repeat customer and you know the drill, we won't bother you with a phone call; we'll just schedule it. Incomplete forms get sent to spam automatically, please answer all sections coherently and double check your info before submitting. Reservation requests are checked roughly 3 times per day; it may be several hours before it is seen; please be patient; we don't just sit at the computer all day and click refresh constantly.

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