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We operate by appointment only. You might have noticed there is no address listed. This is to prevent people from showing up who do not have an appointment. We are often gone getting car washes, getting gas, getting oil changes, taking cars to/from the shop, picking up customers, and

picking up vehicles when customers are done with them, among other things. As such, we are out of the office much of the time, and cannot reliably be there at all times to accept walk-ins. All you need to do to make an appointment is put in a request below.


To make a reservation appointment, we will need the following information from you:

  1. First and last name of cardholder

  2. Phone number of cardholder

  3. Type of car desired

  4. Pickup date & time

  5. Return date & time

  6. Credit card details:

a. Card number (16- or 15-digit)

b. Expiration date (mm/yy)

c. Security code (cvv, cv2, csc)

d. Billing zip code (5-digit)

7.        Optional: provide your address if you would like us to pick you up at your requested pickup date & time.


To submit this information, please use the form below.  It may also help to familiarize yourself with the rental agreement which can be found at the bottom of this page.


IMPORTANT:  Your vehicle will not be saved for you until all of the above information has been received by us. Your card will be charged one non-refundable day at the time your reservation is confirmed. This amount will act as the cancellation fee if you cancel or don't show up. Any remaining amount will be charged at the time you pick up your vehicle.

The person who is paying is considered the renter (even if they don't drive the car at all). The renter must provide a driver's license. The name on the renter's credit/debit card must match the name on the renter's driver's license. The renter (cardholder) should be the person scheduling the reservation appointment. 

​​Rental Requirements

  • A valid driver's license. (Every person who will drive the car must provide license information.) There is no extra charge for the first and second drivers. Adding more than 2 drivers is $10/license. We will ask to see licenses/IDs of all those who show up to a reservation appointment, even if only one of you plans on driving.

  • A credit card with your name on it. If you want to use a DEBIT card (as indicated by the words "Debit", "Check card", "EFS", or "Prepaid") a $200 security deposit will be added at the time of rental. There are a few other instances in which we might ask for a deposit before our asset leaves the lot. Always be prepared to pay the deposit before making a reservation. The deposit will be refunded after the car is returned in the same condition it left in. It generally takes a minimum of three business days for the refund to be credited back to your account.

  • Auto insurance. Insurance coverage is required.

    • You can use your own automotive insurance (with collision or 'full coverage') to cover potential damage and costs for repairs in the case of an accident -- check with your insurance company to determine if your current policy covers rentals. You will need to show proof of collision coverage on your policy if you are using your own insurance.

    • Many credit card companies provide insurance for rental cars -- check with your credit card provider to determine if your credit card offers any benefits for car rental. Be prepared to show proof that your specific card offers CDW for rental cars. You must use this card to pay for the rental to be covered.

    • If you do not have your own insurance, Ames Auto Rentals offers a collision damage waiver for an additional daily fee of $20 or a weekly fee of $80 plus a $200 deposit.

Send Reservation Request


The secure form below is the best way to send all your info so that we can easily turn it into a reservation appointment should you decide to proceed. This is only a request, it does not mean a vehicle will be automatically reserved. Your card will not be charged until we contact you to confirm details. Incomplete forms get sent to spam automatically, please answer all sections coherently and double check your info before submitting. Reservation requests are checked roughly 3 times per day; it may be several hours before it is seen; please be patient; we don't just sit at the computer all day and click refresh constantly.  If you need a car ASAP, please don't call until AFTER you have completed the form.

Below is the Rental Agreement that the cardholder will be filling out in person. 


Thanks for submitting!
We’ll get back to you shortly.

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