Below you will see a pricing chart that shows the base rates of the categories of vehicles that make up our fleet.  These are the rates you can expect to pay if you meet the following criteria:

1) Have your own FULL COVERAGE insurance (liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage) or you pay with a CREDIT CARD that provides insurance coverage for rentals

2) Are 21+ years old

3) Use a CREDIT CARD to pay (NOT a DEBIT card)


To know which types of vehicles can be found in each category, select VEHICLES above and use the drop-down menu to access each different category and view different vehicle options. Please give us a call to find out which vehicles are available for the dates that you desire.

                             •Chart Above Shows Vehicle Pricing After Tax•
The following are items that will be added to the base price:
If you do not have full coverage insurance, Collision Damage Waiver is available at $20/day or $80/week. There will also be a $200 refundable deposit added if you get Collision Damage Waiver.
If you do not have a CREDIT card to pay and only have a DEBIT card, there will be a $200 deposit added.
If you are 18, 19, or 20 years old, there is an underage fee of $10/day or $40/week.
If we think you may exceed the 2000 mile limit, a $200 deposit will also be added.