Need to rent a car in Ames, Iowa? You've come to the right place. Here's why:

  • We have a variety of cars at reasonable prices to meet your needs.

  • We answer the phone 24/7 in case of emergencies.

  • If you are in Ames, we can give you a free ride to our office.

  • When you are finished with the car, we can come pick it up at your local Ames address for free.

  • We have a generous 500/daily or 2000/total mile allowance.

  • GPS units are available for free upon request.

  • Charging cables and/or AUX cables available on site for $5+tax.

  • No underage fees for those 21 and over.

  • Our prices never change, so you always know what to expect (no price gouging during busy times).



Vehicles are rented on a first come, first serve basis. Check our fleet of vehicles and prices found on the VEHICLES page and PRICES page and contact us if you see something that will suit your needs.